revitalize health beauty – Won’t stop charging me

I ordered some skin cream from revitalize health beauty and they charged me for the purchase right away, but it took over 3 weeks for the product to actually arrive. I finally got the cream and it was ok but nothing special. Next thing I know they are charging my credit card again and I never ordered anything else from them. I tried to look for a way to contact them to bring this to their attention, but I have not figured out how to do so. I have sent them an email that I never heard a response to, and now I am still getting skin cream and still getting charged. How can I return this for a refund if they do not have an address? I am thinking that I am going to have to cancel my card just to get rid of them. I have seen that other people have had the same issue, but has anyone been able to stop them or even get a refund for the stuff that they did not order?

Submitted by: Jessie

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