Rowe Recruitment and Partners – fake job ad is just a scam

I saw an ad for a job online and began taking a very long time to fill out the application. It is tough out there right now for people looking for jobs, so I made sure that took my time and filled out the application to the best of my ability. After I finished the application, there was a message saying that I was one of the top candidates and that they wanted me to fill out a second step application.

This is where I started to think that this post from rowe recruitment and partners was a scam. They wanted me to fill out my credit information and get a credit report from one of those sites that says they offer free credit reports but charge you for a monthly credit monitoring service. So, if this was a legit job, then why are they having me fill one of these out. This was just a scam to get my information and I am going to guarantee that there never was any job to be had.

Submitted by: Ken

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