SafeCo Insurance Company – Trying to screw my claim

A pipe burst and soaked my house causing a ton of damage and making it unlivable for a while. I had home owners insurance with Safeco and they had no intention of paying me the money that it would cost to repair the house. All and all there was about 60k worth of damage.

They sent over some claims guy and he was absolute bullshit. I figured that I had paid about 17k in premiums over the years and guess how much they figured the damage was for. Yep, 17k. They are some bullshit scammers and there needs to be a way to make them pay what they owe. We buy insurance for this very reason. If I just wanted to save money and self insure, I would have just keep the money that I would pay in premiums and wait for something like this to happen. Of course that is not possible unless you have a lot of money to begin with. I would advise against getting insurance from Safeco.

Submitted by: Danny

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