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I got an automated call from and was told that if I answered a short survey I would receive free all inclusive cruise for two. I answered the questions and then someone came on the phone and asked me for my phone number and area code. I was then told to go to and use my number and zip to log in and claim my tickets. I did that and then there was no real way to get anything. I clicked on the submit button and got an error message. I tried a couple of different times and was still not able to get anything to work. It looks like they are just trying to farm people’s information. If you get one of these calls, don’t waste your time. SurveyCruise is a scam.

Submitted by: Melissa

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  1. Frank Leftin says:

    Get your computer checked and that’s immediately because if you answer a call and the caller asks you to go to a specific webpage and and click submit – then an error message shows = that could mean that your computer could have been infected!!! you were “scammed” to download malware of some kind !!!!

    • Dixiestar76 says:

      I too just got the call.Thank YOU ALL for posting this warning!!! I am thankfull I found this 1st!! I use my Dad’s laptop sooo, if I got his info out there HE def would NOT be happy!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

  2. Angie McCarty says:

    Yeah I got the same call, and I agree we were scammed. Lets just hope that tons of people read these comments and dont end up wasting their time or infect their eletronics with possible viruses. They SUCK!

  3. Laura G says:

    I too just received this automated call. Knowing it was probably a scam i answered the survey questions but put different answers then what i really do, when i finished & received a very fast speaking woman i asked how my # was picked & what this was about, i was told my # was a randomly selected # in my demographic region & its cruise companies use it to get their names out. My 1st thought that if i cruise comp needs to give away free tickets to get their name out they probably aren’t a very good company. I did proceed to go to the website like instructed & also got a error msg when i entered submit. My suspicions confirmed def. a scam!!!!!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THEM!!!!!!!

    • rob says:

      My story begins 3 days ago when I got the same call you guys report. I took the survey and gave him my area code and such then he told me they would call me back in 72 hours and that I needed to go to there site and register. So I go to it and it didn’t work so I gave up. Thee days later though I received a call and happened to miss it. They left a voicemail and for some reason I decided to call them back. It is now important to point out I’m from west Virginia. And I am positive I told them my area code correctly. As I’m telling him about my problems ob the site he asks me where I am from and my area code again. Then tell me that they had me in the records living in Alabama. Wtf? Well then he started asking a bunch of questions that lead to him asking about my credit card number but asureing me that everything was complimentary though I would have to pay a small fee at the port before we departed. I gave him an old visa incentive card number knowing there was no money in it. He then told me a lot about the cruise before telling me my card was declined and I hung up. Its also important to point out this man sounded like he was at a party. This is the info he gave me.

      The acceptable days are July 10- January 18 with a 60 day notice.
      The ship is the Bahama celebration and is a European style boat.
      departs in palm beach port and docks at grand Bahama island port.
      Black out days December 24 – January 4

      My overall opinion is this is a scam.

      • scammed says:

        oh ya bahama celebrations biggst scam ever their boat sucks, their resorts they put you in as a package suck. They nickle and dime you for everything and you have to pay gratuities for nothing. You will not get any help from people that work on their ship.

  4. Nippon says:

    Hi everyone,, Yeah I got the same call, and I agree Its ascamm.

  5. Cruz says:

    Same here, same call, i get pissed when my time is wasted and when the day is down they try and brighten it but WOW i’ve been scamed. Just bored bums behind a machine/computer getting paid. what losers.

  6. Ellen says:

    I received the automated call the beginning of January 2012 but did not go to the website as directed after reading the comments posted here. But I did receive a call a few days later from a travel agent I did not recognize again telling me I had won a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas when they started asking for information of my email address and home address then they asked for my credit card information I told them no, they said they would still send me my voucher. I thank you all for warning me not to go to the web site. Its been a month now and still no “free voucher”

  7. jen says:

    I got the call, got suspicious right away. Did the Survey, got the same fast speaking woman but thanks to all of you that entered this, I didn’t go onto the site at all but came here instead. Thank you soo very much.
    And what’s up with that fast speaking girl.. gracious!

  8. zharris says:

    Its a scam alright. Hope everyone checks for sights like this.

  9. Michele says:

    I just got the call..i did the phone survey..then thought there must be a catch..i wrote the name of the company sponsoring the cruise…Home security services..has anyone contacted them??

  10. a.l. says:

    Im glad I looked this up! Thanks for your responses. I did the survey then got connected to a man. I gave him my name and phone number (which I assume they already had since they called me first). I will not go to the website. Thank you.

  11. Sarah says:

    I just got this call too. Definately a scam. Wish I had read this before going to the site & then also giving them my email. Now I will be spamming several emails as well. Grrr 🙁

  12. Keri says:

    I too just received this phone call, I did the short survey and a fast speaking man came on the line and told me to proceed to the website for my confirmation code which I did not go to thanks to this page and everyone’s comments! Thanks! Hopefully others check out this page before going through with the ” confirmation “!

  13. alicia says:

    I just got the call and come on nothings free but I thought maybe it has something to do with the accident that just happened and there trying to get bussiness. I answered the questions and then a man came on the line talked so fast so i wouldnt ask questions and hang up. I’m glad I came here before I went on the website. Also the number came up on my phone253-312-7757 and i called back and guess what busy signal.please dont waste your time tell stop scamming people and hang up.

  14. Mart says:

    Oh no… I entered my email into the website and pressed confirm! Now what is going to happen??

  15. Teri says:

    I got a call today too, offering a free cruise to the Bahamas. The no. was 253-208-6202. I didn’t go to the website. Thanks everyone!!

  16. Mamta says:

    I just got a call. I did see the voucher on the website when i logged on to it using my Zip Code. I really hope my Office computer doesn’t get jammed:(

  17. B says:

    I received call on my cell phone saying I would recieve free cruise if I answered a few questions asked for name and zip code if I owned or rented. If I used major credit card at store or debit or check. I didn’t log into it because on my pc it gave me the option to click scam surveyCruise. I just hope they can’t do anything with my info.

  18. nicole says:

    I wonder if phone can be hacked all my emails are linked to phone….

  19. Any says:

    They did that to me too. I just got out from their web site. When I put my # and my zip code they said it don’t match what info they had. Now I’m worry what it gotta happened when I already answered the same questions that B did. Please remember, nothing free. Thank you all. This is the# that called me on 360-460-1952

  20. Mary says:

    I just got a call on my cell,I no it to good to be true. I did’t go to the web site thanks

  21. Mary says:

    I just got a clll on my cell phone about winning a cruise, I no it was to to be true.I tried to go the web site but this came instead thanks

  22. Martin Young says:

    Got the call, figured it was a scam but went alont with it for the hell of it. Was made the same promises as others, got some dude on the phone who obviously did not care about anything at all, slurred incredibly fast speach etc. Went to website and tried to log on, again for the hell of it, and sure enough got the error messages!…..I just don’t get why these people do this or how they have the time or energy to make fake calls!….Studid F’rs!….The number they called from for me was: 360-460-1151 and of course if you try calling that number it goes straight to a busy signal!…..God have Mercy!

  23. Rob says:

    Got the same call, only it was the girl. Do not click anything on the page if you visit it. If you have, I would run a full system scan. phone# 3604601151

  24. mitch says:

    Received a phone call…read this and I did not go to their web site. Thanks. The phone # was: 360-460-3013.

  25. Kerry says:

    thank god i found this website 1st. I got the call today won the cruise no ? asked, had the fast speaking dude, who got frustrated with me when he couldnt spell my name, ha aho hope i messed up his day. Also i could hear behind the operator what sounded like 40 more operators taking other peeps info. sounds like there trying to screw America. thank god for honest people like us. the # was 360-477-0875

  26. sam says:

    So it sounds to me like everyone is jumping on the scam bandwagon, but can anyone really verify that it is a scam. It appears that more than half you didn’t even finish the process and the other half had web site issues. No one has given an example of an actual scam. So I should say thank you all for wasting 15 minutes of my time searching for an answer.

  27. sam says:

    Really should have people site specifics.

  28. robert says:

    Called me too! number: 425-406-9031

  29. tina f says:

    hello, they just called me automated at a new number425 406 9031,,,,,,a guy came on and said it was real, i did not go to website i am afraid and no one has mention on this site of actually getting the free tickets,,,,,i did decline the health insurance they offer ,,,,i just want free tickets if this is legit, but don’t want to get virus or info on my email or fraud,,,,,,,,has anyone got the actually cruise tickets,,if so was it free

  30. carissa says:

    I just received the same call and went to the site obviously there were port fees and taxes but everything went through fine, when I hit submit. It might be a scam but as far as the error responses some of you got it’s probably just your computer no need to go conspiracy theory!!! lol

  31. jdf says:

    Well they are still at it! Same lady, same fast talking with a ton of noise in the background. On the site they showed a voucher but it wasn’t valid…it said someone would contact me in a few days…but i won’t hold my breath!

  32. dawn says:

    Got the same call today with a bunch of questions. I didn’t go to their site, but ten minutes after hanging up and sitting around not worrying about it I got a call from a telemarketer. Yeah, after having this number for 8 years this is the FIRST telemarketer who has called my phone. I think this is more of an attempt at fishing for info and specializing in what telemarketers call you about, or “targeted telemarketing” if you will. Also I think one person claiming a lot of computers are faulty is suspicious in and of itself. This isn’t the only site with complaints about this specific incident with all the same problems.

  33. Lyd says:

    I received the same phone call with a lot of noise in the background. They called once before and left a message so I said let’s see and the same things previous people stated were true. I wish I would have read this first.

  34. Tim Swan says:

    First of all, just going to a website should not infect your computer.

    Secondly, after they called me and sked for questions then my name, I figured this is to help target advertising campaigns. Now they know who to call to market weight-loss supplements or sleep apnea machines.

    Thirdly, they should not be lying about a cruise. That’s just not accepted in society.

  35. tina says:

    They called me as well I did the whole survey thing, talked to the guy he got mad cuz he couldn’t spell my name lol. Went to the website and he had everything wrong anyways. I got to looking on google to see if I was right about it being a scam it was. I erased everything on the website with my info. (even tho it wasn’t the right info just the number) LOL.You would think that all the people that have gave their info would report it and shut their asses down. (:

  36. Kadie says:

    I just got the call but came here before i went to the site and i’m glad I did bunch of scammers thanks guys
    june 25 2012

  37. Ryan says:

    I only answered the questions bc I just got back from a cruise yesterday and I filled a survey out on the boat so I figured I won it from that or that’s how they got my info. Now after reading all this I doubt I will go to the website.

  38. Katie says:

    I received this call yesterday and new it had to be a scan but went along with it anyway just because of love cruise ships. This fast speaking woman asked for my zip and name about 3 times. Glad I googled this site before going to the website. I don’t understand the purpose for lying about winning a cruise. ughhh

  39. Rita LL says:

    I got a call today. Answered it cause it was a number out if my area and many of my clients are tourists so I thought it might be legit. Did the survey but smelled a rat so a little google-ing and bingo, here y’all are with the truth. Thanks for your info. I did not and will not go to the site. They seemed to imply that the survey was sponsored by Visa and had a lot of health questions. Gee, I feel dumb!

  40. Terrica says:

    Yes this is a scam so if this number appears on your caller id don’t answer 4254069069 that fast talking woman hung up so fast I couldn’t ask any questions

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