Tag Heuer – No service for old watches

A very long time ago I bought a very expensive Tag diving watch. I have been wearing it proudly for several decades and considered it to be a very good purchase. I have always sent it into the factory to get new batteries and cleaned, but the last time I did I received a rather shocking notice.

I was told that the watch could not be serviced anymore because they no longer carry the parts for it. This is a very high end watch and one would that I should be able to keep this watch forever and even pass it along to my children. I was offered a 10% credit on a new purchase, which I thought was ridiculous. For me, I will never pay the high price for this brand again. I might as well buy a cheap watch if I am just going to have to get rid of it when they stop servicing my product.

This is not a scam, but more of a complaint about the way they are doing business.

Submitted by: Divefan

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