The Digital Hunter – Pulled the switch on me a took my money

I wanted to order a new lens for my camera and found what I thought was going to be a good deal on After I made my order, which was simple enough, I got a call asking for the security code on the back of my card. I really did not want to give that out over the phone, so I was getting a little more skeptical.

While I was on the phone the guy asked me if I would be interested in an upgraded lens at a very reasonable price. I am sad to say that I fell for it. After I agreed to the different lens, I looked up the price and I was paying way more than I should have and I could have gotten it cheaper at prety much any other place online.

Long story short, after I figured all of this out, I wanted just cancel the order and get my money back. They said that they would return my money, minus a 35% cancellation fee. I am pissed at how bad this company is at doing business and I would say that they are a scam. I still have yet to receive my refund and I am getting worried that I never will.

Submitted by: SnakeEyes

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  1. Keri says:

    Similar situtation, but I told them I did not have the funds for the upsale and would have to get back to them. They processed the order anyway. I was on the phone with them when I got text that my bank account got over drawn. I called them immediately again. They said they would unauthorize the debit. Never even got an email in regards to do. I have been calling daily. Of course they say they will refund me. The said they had shipped the camera. I was like I canceled it before it was even ordered. Why would you ship it? It is just there way to prolong things. he was like well do you want the camera. I was like no. I did not have the funds and you were wrong for doing what you did…today I was promised it be in my account. Yep not in my account. Please report them to BBB. You can do it online. The more people we can get to do this will help. Truly who is on our side. So many of these stories it is sad!

  2. Sarah says:

    They were terrible with me also. When I called to confirm my order I asked if it came with all the accesories and he said no it didn’t come with a battery, I said “huh” but fell for it and bought the “upgraded” battery. When I received my camera the battery I had upgraded to was the battery that was supposed to come with the camera to begin with according to the users manual. I called in to deal with the sitiuation and one person told me that it originally came with a smaller battery and this was the upgraded. I asked well where was my other one because if i purchased an upgraded one than I should have also gotten the one that came with it. He hung up on me. I called another time and with the same questions and he told me he had given me a deal with the battery and then hung up. At one point on the phone I was given a certain quote for how much my order came to. My e-mail notification had a separate amount. And the final price that came out of my bank account was completely different. I have tried to contact the company but everytime I speak with someone and ask them uncomfortable questions they say they don’t appreciate my attitude and hang up. A very terrible experience and I can not recommend this company to anyone.

  3. C McRae says:

    Same thing happened to me as the others. Got an e-mail for the security code to process the order, was talked into an upgrade camera with the “extras”. I found out later that the extras were part of the original package. I think it’s a bait and switch deal. I’ve been calling the number during business hours, but keep getting a recording that they are currently closed…..all day? WTH? People, the prices look good on the internet, but there are catches; STAY AWAY from them!

  4. Concerned says:

    Don’t bother reporting to the BBB, they can’t do anything. You’re better off reporting to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office in Brooklyn, NY. The packages sent out have the address of 6605 20th. Ave, Brooklyn NY 11204. If anyone can get the exact location and information of these people it’s the D.A’s Office. If enough reports are made, they will definitely launch an investigation. I’m from that area of Brooklyn, and it’s littered with these scam shops from Canarsie to Williamsburgh. I also used to work in a camera store not too far from there and I know how they do things, right down to the their coded stickers on the product boxes.

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