– charged me multiple times for a free trial

I saw an ad for a diet pill that was posted by and they offered a free trial. I figured that I would just check it out because I had heard something about this mango pill and that it had some health benefits. I gave them my information just to pay for shipping and handling so I could try the supplement. I looked at my bank statement a couple of weeks later and they started to charged a lot of money for a monthly shipment. I never wanted to sign up for a monthly shipment of this stuff, especially at the prices that they are charging. Now I am trying to figure out how I can cancel this subscription and get them to stop charging my card. I have not been able to find any place where I can tell them to stop charging me. No phone or email where I can get an answer exists. It looks like I got scammed, so I just want to let everyone that they should never buy anything from, even if they tell you it is free, because it won’t be.

Submitted by: JamieG

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