Tone Detox – Charged me after I cancelled my free trial

I ordered the free trial of Tone Detox and got my shipment. The reason that they even had my credit card is that I had to pay about 3 dollars for the shipping. In the terms it says that they will charge you about 15 days after the order is place for the trial shipment. I cancelled the order 2 weeks after I placed it and then 2 weeks later they still charged my card 80 bucks for the full price shipment. This is just another one of those scams that gets your card information with a free trial and then keeps charging you no matter what. You are then forced to cancel your card and it is just a complete headache. Tone Detox is just another scamming company that is just going to try and steal money and not give you anything of worth in return.

Submitted by: Greg

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