UniBlue – Charged me again for no reason

I bought some software from UniBlue and it really was not great and didn’t do a whole lot. Fine, no big deal. It was not all that expensive, so I figured you get what you pay for. Unfortunately it is now 6 months later, and they are charging me again.

Now I don’t know what they are charging me for and I am pretty upset about it. I never signed up for a subscription or anything like that and I want my money back now. Stay away from these guys. They are just a scam in my opinion.

Submitted by: Ben77

2 Responses to “UniBlue – Charged me again for no reason”

  1. Uniblue says:

    Hi Ben77,
    We assure you Uniblue is not a scam and that Uniblue is a legitimate company. We have won many awards for our products and we take pride in the positive reviews we receive. We are also a Microsoft Partner Gold Independent Software Provider. You can see some of the rewards weve one by other prominent tech sites here:


    Your credit card was re-charged because your one year subscription for your product updates/upgrades had expired and your order was set on automatic renewal. Before the renewal charge was applied we had notified you about it several times by email. I regret that you missed our notifications.
    If you have any questions you can ask our support here:

    Best Regards,
    Customer Relations Team
    Uniblue – http://www.uniblue.com/

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