University of Phoenix – Overcharged me and then kept money I did not owe

University of Phoenix is a complete scam. They need to be stopped. Not only do you a get an education that is not worth the paper that it is printed on, they will steal money from you. I found out that they took out loans in my name and returned grant money that would have covered what I owed for classes. The loans they took were without my consent and every time I call and try to figure out what happened, I get a different answer. Here I am, an honest person just trying to work hard and get an education and now they charge me more than I owe, return grant money, and take out loans in my name. I can’t believe that this operation has been allowed to stay in business after all of the horror stories that come out of there.

I will say that I am not just whining about this school. I did all of my work, studied, and participated in all my classes. I just want to be treated with respect and not lied to. I wish I would have done some more research about this hole before I started taking classes, but it looks like the University of phoenix has been doing this kind of BS to people for years.

Submitted by: Fred

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