xx-shoes.com/Style Shoes – Still ripping people off

I ordered a pair of shoes approx 5 weeks ago from www.xx-shoes.com otherwise known as “Style Shoes” and never received the shoes. The ‘submit’ button on the ‘contact us’ portion of their website doesn’t work. I’ve tried contacting the email addresses listed on paypal (where I paid) and have had no success. There are reports online that the owner of the site is the same owner of previous sites: angela-shoes.com and mallbabashoes.com… both of which turned out to be scam sites and shut down. They were, however, both entitled “Style Shoes” as well. Apparently all of these sites are operated in China and some report receiving cheap paper bags and mousepads after 1-2 months instead of ever receiving their shoes. There are numerous reports of the previosu sites as scams, but this seems to be a new site operated by the same folks. I submitted a resolution request with paypal and it has been escalated for review in order for me to receive a refund.

By: rawlsjs

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  1. Lola Fryman says:

    Sure wish I’d seen this complaint a week ago – I too was taken. Same story, I ordered a pair of shoes 2/22/12 and submitted payment via Paypal; no email confirmation of the order so I emailed the address from Paypal, several times with no response. I opened and escalated a dispute as well requesting refund. I guess if it seems too good to be true, it is!

    • rawlsjs says:

      Yea I know! Very frustrating…. finally a received a cheap,small pink change purse with a cartoon character laughing and appearing to say something in Chinese. The return address is in Singapore. They denied my first claim at paypal, because the seller was able to prove they did send something. I changed the nature of my dispute to ‘incorrect item received’ and the paypal rep said she felt confident they’d be able to refund my money. Be sure to appeal your complaint with paypal if it’s denied the first time, and you should be ok!

  2. Dorothy says:

    Same thing happened to me with xx-shoes.com I ordered on Feb.12,2012 then found all the scam reviews about 3 weeks later after not recieving my boots. I called pay pal right away telling them what I had found and then a couple days later recieved the cheap plastic 2 inch baggy chain thing in the mail (registered mail by the way)so I called pay pal right back they said thay had to submit for refund to the buyer. I got an email from pay pal couple days later stating I needed to return the baggy to an address in China which after seeing how much it would cost me to return, $65.oo which I only paid $63.00 for the boots I never recieved I called Pay Pal back and told them this info and they said nevermind they would just cancel the claim and refund me my money which I recieved back on my card yesterday!! So make sure to talk to a supervisor or someone that knows what there doing and make sure also to mention all of our reviews and comments about the site being a scam you will get your money back!! Hope this helps!!

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