xx-shoes / style shoes – Seller sends worthless items

BEWARE!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS W/ THEM. THE SCAM: Buyers make a purchase. Seller sends worthless mdse, but cleverly provides tracking info. Buyers submit dispute/claim. Paypal investigates, but requires buyers to return the worthless mdse w/ delivery confirmation to China in order to get a refund. In my case, I bought a pair of sandals. I received the cheapest 3 inch sink sponge, value of about $.15 tops. Delivery confirmation ALONE to China is $2.35 (15X what item is worth), but requires also PRIORITY MAILING which is really expensive! To return a sponge!!!! Buyer makes out like a bandit because most buyers just cut their losses and don’t return item BECAUSE it would end up costing too much. Paypal should refuse to do business with merchants like this when they have REPEATEDLY been informed. When I filed a complaint, Paypal insisted that I return item to get refund. They are supporting this CROOK with this loophole, probably because they still get their cut. I had to waste considerable time, energy, and patience in getting Paypal to reverse decision. Then they made it sound like they were doing me a huge favor!! No more Paypal for me!

By: rovinrosie

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  1. Antony Mark says:

    the same thing happened to my wife. I am waiting to hear from Paypal. I have told Paypal it is a waste of money to pay for tracking to return a sponge to China. I think we should ship the sponges to Paypal so they can ship the sponges back to China in one pkge. I am waiting to hear from Paypal. USPS wanted $53 UPS wanted over $100

  2. Becky says:

    I want to thank all of you for posting and I’m so sorry for everyone who lost money. YOUR postings help me not to be scammed out of 80 bucks and you guys help many other I’m sure. THE THING I’m finding most disturbing is Pay Pal not doing anything about this. Them NOT paying out claims. I almost use this site because of Pay Pal’s reputation. I encourage everyone to email Pay Pal. EVEN The People who came here and found out that it’s a bogus site. Let them know how much of a let down it is to hear that not only are they denying people’s clams but are letting these thief’s hide behind Pay Pal!!!!It should reflect badly on Pay Pal and believe me I will think twice before I use Pay Pal. So Thank you and I am writing a letter to Pay Pal!

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