– Fake order charged my credit card

I got an email stating that my order from was confirmed and that I was being charged over 400 dollars. The thing is that I never visited this site and never ordered anything from there. I looked up the site and it is a shopping site for Asian entertainment products. Being a native English speaker and not having any amount of Asian in my family tree, you can see that I would have little need for these types of products. I called my bank and immediately cancelled my credit card, so they would not be able to get any more money from me. I am still talking with my bank to see if I will get the money back that was already taken.

My question to the online community is whether or not is an actual scam itself, or if someone was able to get my information and just buy something from them? The reason that I ask is that if it is a legit site, then maybe I can work with to figure out who is stealing credit card information and try to stop them. If the site itself is just stealing money from people, then I would have to go down a different path and try to go after directly. I would harbor no ill will toward if they were just taking an order thinking that it was legitimate. Any responses would be helpful.

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