Zen Body Care – Free trial scam

Signed up for a free trial of Sensa Weight Loss System and all I had to do was to pay for shipping and handling. Next thing I know I see that my card was charged 96 dollars and I never authorized them to do so. I am not going to pay nearly a hundred dollars for something like this. I just wanted to give it a try. I then looked on the web and saw that Sensa Weight Loss System has done the same thing to a lot of different people. I now have 2 charges on my credit card. I will take this to the fraud investigators if nothing is done in a very short time.

By: Bugs21

2 Responses to “Zen Body Care – Free trial scam”

  1. Griyani says:

    I fell for this one and ordered the pdcruots. They came, TWO EACH, and my dredit card was charged 1.19 for the plan , which I didn’t know anything about plus, my card was charged about $100, not mentioned when I signed up. I guess that is for the SECOND month.Anyway, I emailed and they answered that my Plan is cancelled. However, the $100 charge remains on the card. I will insist its removal and use the card company if necessary.This whole thing is a sham and should be illegal. I won’t pay. Wonder how many other people were scammed? Thanks

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