ZenBodyCare.com – Charged me for products I did not order

I ordered a free trial of of pure collagen from ZenBodyCare.com and all I had to do was pay for shipping and handling. Before I even got the free trial bottle they had charged me over 100 dollars for another bottle that I never ordered. This makes no sense if it was supposed to be a free trial. How can you trial something if you don’t even receive it before you get charged the full amount. I never wanted to order the new bottle anyway, but this is really bullshit. I have tried to call them, but the number on the website does not even work. This is looking more and more just like a scam. I have had to cancel my credit card and now I am sure that I will never see that 100 again. Never order anything from ZenBodyCare.com. You are just going to be setting yourself up for a big hassle.

Submitted by: Mary

One Response to “ZenBodyCare.com – Charged me for products I did not order”

  1. Eber says:

    Yeah it is a very misleading way to make money noilne. They know what they are doing and con people out of there money. Very poor marketing strategy.

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