Ziinga.com – Just taking money from my account

I never signed up for anything but they seem to be able to deduct from my bank account

By: Greg

3 Responses to “Ziinga.com – Just taking money from my account”

  1. rupinder says:

    i did not want to pay for this whatever it is showing on my acctt.i would like the credit back.

  2. rupinder says:

    scam charges on my credit card.i would like that back.

  3. J H van Schalkwyk says:

    I’ve ordered a steam iron during September 2011 and gave Ask-Ziinga permission to take an amount of R659.99 from my account once only. Now they deduct the amount every month from my account and the bank cannot stop it. I want my money back. I did not receive up to now, any steam iron. What can I do to stop this whole mess.

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