One Source Talent

I went in for an interview with One Source Talent today and got rejected. I was a bit confused and sad as to why so I decided to ask the director. They told me that I didn’t seem serious enough and maybe they were right..

Direct TV and Viacom – one or both of these companies is trying to gouge us

So I flip on comedy central to find out that there is some dispute between Direct TV and Viacom and that they are going to be taking 26 channels off the air because they have not been able to negotiate a contract. I think this is absolutely outrageous. For one, it looks like Viacom is trying to increase the price for its channels by 30 percent and that just seems a bit outrageous to me. Secondly, Viacom says that they would have given Direct TV a extension on its current contract so that they could figure out the new one and customers could still keep they channels. Who do we believe.

Reading America – Total BS

They called my husband last year to talking about magazine subscriptons and a $1000 shopping spree.. basically got all his info and checking account info. Once I figured out what was happening, I called to cancel, they said you can’t cancel it, it was a verbal contract. A few months later, trying to cancel again, and somehow they twisted their words around acted like they would just give us more magazines for free, – Fake order charged my credit card

I got an email stating that my order from was confirmed and that I was being charged over 400 dollars. The thing is that I never visited this site and never ordered anything from there. I looked up the site and it is a shopping site for Asian entertainment products. Being a native English speaker and not having any amount of Asian in my family tree, you can see that I would have little need for these types of products. – Charged me for the free trial

I subscribed to for a free trial and they have since taken money from my bank account. This was supposed to be a free trial for me to just check this site out. They charged me right away and now it seems like there is nothing that I can do about it. – Free trial rip off

I signed up for the free trial just to see what the games were all about. It did not look like anything that I really wanted to be paying for on a monthly basis, so I cancelled before my free trial was up. Well, the have continued to take the monthly fee out of my account even after I cancelled before the deadline.