Kay Jewelers – blew my surprise proposal

I bought an engagement ring from Kay and I think that I got a fair deal and all of that, but they really screwed me over on the back end. I told the lady that was ringing me up that I was going to make a surprise proposal and that under no circumstances should they call me or mail me for the next 4 days.

House of Brides – poor customer service

If you have any other options for shopping for wedding dresses, use them. House of Brides is terrible. I ordered 5 dresses from them and that is when my nightmare started.

David’s Bridal – trying to squeeze me for extra dollars

I went to David’s Bridal and ordered the dress that I had found on the web and when I went to go try it on, it was too big. I asked my consultant if I should go another size down and she blew off the idea. I was told the next size down would be way too small and this was my size. Then I started going through the process of pinning the dress for alterations. When seeing how much needed to be changed, I asked again if I should get the next size down and again I was blown off.