Clayton Careers & Partners – Fake jobs trying to farm information

Clayton Careers & Partners had some jobs posted on craigslist and I applied for a couple of them. I later got an email saying that I was one of their top candidates for the position and that I needed to start working on the second part of the screening process. This was supposed to be some sort of IQ test and they sent me a link to go do the test.

Home Wealth Formula – Paid money but never got anything

I wanted to make some money in my free time, so I signed up and paid money to Home Wealth Solutions. Shortly after, they had took money from my account and I never got anything in return. I was never sent any kind of log in to the site and now I am not able to get in touch with anyone form this company. – Huge fraud

I signed up for and even paid money for the upgraded membership to get faster payouts. I then proceeded to spend a lot of time and effort into the mails that they sent me to get to minimum payout level. It should be noted that one of the perks of the membership that I bought was that there was no minimum for a payout.

Six Figure Program – A work at home website scam

You have to pay a bunch of money to start this program at a six figure income. You then pay for a domain and hosting, which is fine. But what is not fine is that they promise that you will set everything up for you, including the website. I looked back a couple of weeks later and they had done nothing.

Socofer Trading Limited – Job offer is a hoax

I got an email offering me a stay at home job. They said that they found my resume online and asked if I was interested. I was not. You can tell right away that this Socofer Trading Limited offer was going to be a scam.

Bailey Recruitment and Partners – Fishing for personal inforamtion

I responded to a job posting by Bailey Recruitment and Partners that they had put on the internet. I have been unemployed for a while so I have been putting a lot of applications in and this started out looking like any other job posting.