The Roomstore – No Delivery

I bought a bedroom set form the roomstore and they told me that there were a couple of items that were out of stock and that it would take a couple of weeks to get them to me. That was fine by me because it worked well with my move. Now the time has come and gone when they said that the pieces would arrive and nothing has shown up.

Aaron’s Rental Center – Won’t stop calling

I rented a room to a girl and she never paid her rent so I kicked her out. I told her she could come get her stuff when she paid the rent that she owed me. Apparently she had gotten a few of her things from Aaron’s rental center and had not paid them either. This is when the harassment started.

Art Van Furniture – Sold me moldy chiar

I waited and waited for my new chair to come in, so I could pick it up from Art Van. I finally got the call and I went to pick it up and took it home. When I opened the box, I found that the chair was covered in mold.