Evening Sky, LLC – Free trial rip off

It looks like I am one of the many people that Evening Sky has managed to rip off. They lure you in with a “free trial” of some face cream and tell you that they will on charge you a small amount for shipping and handling. What they don’t tell you is that once they have your card information they will charge you full price for the product and just continue to ship more and charge more. I have been trying to find a phone number or an email address

Revita la Peau – Free Trial is a Fraud

I have seen this all over, but I figured that I write something about my experience so, hopefully, it does not happen to anyone else. I Sent away for the free trail of skin cream from Revita la Peau and all I was supposed to pay was a small charge for shipping and handling. What they don’t tell you is that once they have your information, they will start sending you more and more product and charge you without your permission. I was charged twice before I noticed what they were doing.

revitalize health beauty – Won’t stop charging me

I ordered some skin cream from revitalize health beauty and they charged me for the purchase right away, but it took over 3 weeks for the product to actually arrive. I finally got the cream and it was ok but nothing special. Next thing I know they are charging my credit card again and I never ordered anything else from them. I tried to look for a way to contact them to bring this to their attention, but I have not figured out how to do so. I have sent them an email that I never heard a response to, and now I am still getting skin cream and still getting charged.

E-HealthWeb.com – Takes money from my account without permission

I ordered some pills from E-HealthWeb.com from an advertisement that I saw in a newspaper and I all I supposed to pay for was shipping. So, I gave them my debit info to pay for the small amount of postage and the pills arrived a couple of weeks later. I looked at my bank statement a couple of months later and found that they had been charging me a fairly substantial amount of money without my approval. I called E-HealthWeb.com and they person who answered the phone was very rude and told me that I needed to read the fine print which says that they are going to start charging me. I looked at the add again and there was no mention of a reoccurring fee.

ThePrimeBrands.com – charged me multiple times for a free trial

I saw an ad for a diet pill that was posted by ThePrimeBrands.com and they offered a free trial. I figured that I would just check it out because I had heard something about this mango pill and that it had some health benefits. I gave them my information just to pay for shipping and handling so I could try the supplement. I looked at my bank statement a couple of weeks later and they started to charged a lot of money for a monthly shipment.

NutraScience – Taking money from my account

I saw the ad for NutraScience on Facebook and they were offering a free trial of some diet pills. I thought that because it was on Facebook that it would be safer than some random website that sent junk mail or had pop up adds floating around. Anyway, I signed up for a free trial and all I had to pay was five dollars for shipping and handling. A couple of weeks later I got a package in the mail that I never ordered and they had charged me over 75 dollars for it.