– Random cell phone charges

I do not know who this company is but a data charge has shown up on my cell phone for the last 2 months. I never asked for whatever their service is! I do not want it! I cannot even find out what it is or how to contact them to tell them I do not want their service.

By: Sunstone

AT&T – Install deal was bogus

I received something in the mail that advertised that AT&T would offer 15 bucks for phone and 15 bucks for internet for one year. It also included free installation and a $100 visa card. Well I thought that is was a good deal so I went ahead with it. Everything went fine and I got my pre-paid card. I used it and then I looked at my bill the next month and it was $75 instead of the 30 I thought it was.

Magic Jack – Big waste

I got a magic jack and thought that it would be a good idea. Boy was I wrong. I had trouble with the connection so I called into the company and they recommended that I pay another forty bucks to a technician. Also I was not able to even talk to a person live. It was all automated.