www.surveycruise.com – fraud cruise offer

Scam cruise offer. This is just a way for them to mine your personal information. You will never get a free cruise from them, so don’t even bother thinking that you will.

By: cquintana

SurveyCruise.com – Fake trip offer

I got an automated call from surveycruise.com and was told that if I answered a short survey I would receive free all inclusive cruise for two. I answered the questions and then someone came on the phone and asked me for my phone number and area code. I was then told to go to surveycruise.com and use my number and zip to log in and claim my tickets.

Budget Rental Car – Insurance rip off

When I was on vacation I went to rent a car from Budget rental car and as I was finishing up. the agent behind the car asked me if I wanted insurance for and extra $40. I asked him if that was for the whole time or if it was per day. He told me that it was for the entire rental period. That was a complete lie.

Expedia.com – Best price guarantee is trouble

I recently booked a trip on Expedia.com and had the worst experience trying to deal with their customer service. I was looking to talk with someone about their guarantee of giving you the best price that someone books for. After waiting for over half an hour to even speak with someone, I continually had to escalate to the next manager, because no one could actually help me.

Spirit Airlines – The price is not as cheap as you think

I recently flew to Las Vegas from Chicago. Like most of us I used one of the travel websites and found a reasonable fare on Spirit. This was not the actual price that I would end up paying.

Priceline.com – Accidents can’t be fixed

So, I recently made a reservation on Priceline and I will say that I have been very happy dealing with them up until this point. Anyway, I made a reservation for the place and time that I wanted without any problems. Things got crazy for me and 1 month later I went to make a reservation and I could not find any of my documents and assumed that I had not made.