Ash Lawn Capital Trust – Cash loan frauds

This happened to a friend of mine, so I thought that I would let everyone about these guys and about what they do. Ash Lawn Capital Trust approved my friend for a loan of a almost 10 grand. They told her that she needed to send in a 2 months of payment as collateral for the loan. She did, and then they told her to send in 2 more months. She did. Next they tell her she needs to send in money for insurance and I am sad to say that she sent that money to them as well. Then all of a sudden she is told that the lender backed out and she will get a refund in 30 days. It has been 30 days and no refund and the number that she had been using is disconnected.

It looks like this type of scam is happening all over the place so if you are looking for some sort of pay day loan then make sure you are careful.

Submitted by: Bob

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