– The site is crappy has been linked on several of the message boards that I go to for modeling and acting. I joined the site, just to see if there where any good auditions or if it was just another BS site. Sure enough, I found that it was just a listing of the gigs that are already posted on craigslist and Mandy. They were even nice enough to keep some of the links back to the original adds that they got from craigslist. This is obviously a waste of time and they are just trying to make money off of other people’s work. Stay away from this site, because it is likely to be more trouble that it is worth. It just seems like a site that is just going to take posts from another site and put them up is trying to scam you in one way or another.

By: Jenni

5 Responses to “ – The site is crappy”

  1. Brittany S says:

    I got a few good auditions and book jobs through this site, so it works for me. But each his own. Funny is that people want stuff for free, then complain about it. Last time I checked castingdna was free. I would understand your concern if they’d make you pay… strange!

  2. Megan Joller says:

    I second Brittany’s comment. Castingdna is a great networking service, I’ve met several casting directors on there. I have no website, so on castingdna you can create your own profile, upload pictures, submit to casting notices and network with other actors and producers. And it’s all for free, so why do you complain about it again?? For all it matters, kudos to castingdna and its team and thank you for creating a free space for actors to promote themselves!!!!

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