NutraScience – Taking money from my account

I saw the ad for NutraScience on Facebook and they were offering a free trial of some diet pills. I thought that because it was on Facebook that it would be safer than some random website that sent junk mail or had pop up adds floating around. Anyway, I signed up for a free trial and all I had to pay was five dollars for shipping and handling. A couple of weeks later I got a package in the mail that I never ordered and they had charged me over 75 dollars for it. I looked at the site and in the tiniest print imaginable, there was something saying that by paying for the trial, I agreed to pay a monthly amount for the pills. I feel as if I was scammed and I never wanted to sign up for any monthly deliveries of anything. I have tried to send them an email but they keep getting bounced back to me and I starting to think that there is no way for me to get them to stop charging me. I looked for a phone number and there is none. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what did you do. Did you have to call the bank and close your account or were you able to somehow get them to stop taking money? Anyway, I would have to say that if you want to save yourself a lot of trouble and money, don’t try NutraScience.

Submitted by: Maria

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  1. Linda Baxter says:

    I too sent for the free trial but my package never arrived.After 10days I emailed and explained that i had not recieved it and told them to cancel any future orders for the product.This I thought would be the end of it.I was happy enough to lose the P&P but at the end of the month when my bank statement came through they had taken an extra payment of £112.50 even though I had not had anything from them! I emailed again and was told that I could not have a refund because I had not cancelled within 14days.I then told them that I had in fact cancelled after not recieving anything within the 14days.My bank account was now seriously overdrawn and 2 of my utility bills were not paid as a result of this.I had to close my account and reopen another as I was afraid that Nutrascience would continue to take money from me for something I had never had.I had to get a lost parcel form

    from the post office and send it to them,stating that I never recieved the original parcel but they didnt tell me that until the third email!However the outcome was good.After I had spoken to someone in their customer services dept and explained the whole situation I did recieve a full refund.Go onto the Nutrascience website and the phone number is on there,alternatively email them and ask for the number,
    and dont give up hope!

  2. MKC1 says:

    Do not panic, same thing happened to be, and I was furious. Don;t panic I have all the details of how to get in touch with them, I got in touch with them, The head office is in Portland, America, have that address too. If you want to contact me for the details and help in getting your money back just email me at, I want to help because I don’t like how they are taking advantage of people. They will keep chargin you monthly, but don’t panic, email me and I will forward you all of the details. Also go to trading standards, they are aware of this and will try andhelp you as best as they can.

    • Ros Wilson says:

      Dear Mia,

      I am another victim of the nutrascience scam. I sent off for the “trial” pills and patches and did not even notice the “opt-out” terms and conditions. I have had almost £400 taken from my bank account and have all the products turned up at once at the hotel where I work. Have contacted them by email in sheffield and they sent the standard reply that I can only return the last package sent last week and they will not accept the previous unopened packages (despite the fact they have expiry dates of 2014 and 2015, Please can you help? what do I need to do?

    • Liz Devine says:

      Can u send me the email address for this company as this has happened to me too for several months and I need your help to contact them. Please email back to asap.many thanx

  3. TLC1 says:

    Hi the same thing is happening to me, i have a phone number for them but everytime i try to contact them and speak to a real person their phone conviently cuts out.

    I had cancelled within the cancellation period and they had charged me before the cancellation period had ended.

    They have now left me seriously in my overdraft.

    Did any of you manage to get you money back?

  4. CHRISTINE says:


  5. kerri says:

    This has just happened to me and I too am in a bit of a panic!! The first week is not even over, and having realised the sign-up scam I have repeatedly been trying to cut them off and get a refund.

    They keep cutting me off on the telephone and the bank says they cant do anything unless i close my account or wait for the money to come out?! This is ridiculous! How can these people get away with this and what the hell can i do to stop them taking my money next month?!!!

  6. Vicky says:

    Same thing has happened to me, their contact telephone number is 0844 745 1722, they have just answered the phone and have assured me that they have now cancelled the contract but they have refused to pay me back the money. This is a total scam

  7. Ju says:

    I too was caught out and I called them. I did manage to speak to a woman who assured me if I sent back the second consignment immediately within the 30 days I would get a refund and I did get emails from the company to confirm this. However I am very worried after seeing all these comments. No-one would ever pay this amount for tablets and patches (nothing works anyway) so their terms and conditions are not clear and at the time of order they do not make it clear what you are signing up to.

    I have done some research and it seems that the bank is obliged to stop the payments if you have already contacted the company to stop them. So today I am going to my bank with something printed from the internet showing this and I will ask them to stop any further payments. I will wait anxiously to see if my promised refund comes. Has anyone had a refund?

    It is disgusting that people are being ripped off in this way. At first I just thought I must have been very stupid but now I see the way they market it is very clever and designed to fool people. I also wonder what is in those pills!

    So good luck everyone. I intend to go to Trading Standards about them but not sure with an American company what they can do. The Sheffield people would not reveal their address.

  8. Ros Wilson says:

    I feel such an idiot, I mean what possessed me to happily submit my debit card details without checking the terms and conditions. I am almost £400 quid down and they have replied to my email stating they will only refund me for the last delivery because of UK distance regulations. How can so many of us fall for it and nothing be done to close these companies down?

  9. Niki says:

    The same happened to me as well. I have contact them, the woman said that they canceling everything. Then I checked my bank statements and they refund some money back to me, then the same day they took the same amount twice of from my bank account. This is unbelievable! But I wont give up until I will get every penny back. And ladies that’s what all of us should do, so go on Ladies!!!

  10. LizDevine Devine says:

    Did any one get there money back I am the same as the other people I ,can’t get a e-mail to contact them they have taken £150out of my bank there is a phone number but I can’t get through to anyone .can anyone help .

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