TOTAL SCAM ARTISTS!! I bought two pairs of shoes from this website. Two weeks later I had not received any information from them about a shipment. I sent an email to the address listed in my paypal account. They didn’t respond. I submitted a claim with paypal. Next thing you know, I got a response from paypal saying they received a tracking number from the seller. I checked USPS and saw the package had arrived in New York. Yesterday I received the package. Guess what it was. A frickin’ SPONGE!!

kelly-Mall – bought shoes and never got them

bought shoes and never got them.. This site is a scam. Complete fraud. They need to be shut down.

By: Ellen – This site is a complete fraud

I ordered a couple of pairs of shoes from and it looked like it was a legit site, but it seems like I have been scammed. I waited for the shoes to come but the only thing that I ever got from them was a cheap hello kitty backpack. I have been pretty leery about doing any kind of shopping on the internet and I guess this is the reason why.