TOTAL SCAM ARTISTS!! I bought two pairs of shoes from this website. Two weeks later I had not received any information from them about a shipment. I sent an email to the address listed in my paypal account. They didn’t respond. I submitted a claim with paypal. Next thing you know, I got a response from paypal saying they received a tracking number from the seller. I checked USPS and saw the package had arrived in New York. Yesterday I received the package. Guess what it was. A frickin’ SPONGE!! Yep, a kitchen sponge is what I received in the mail. Of course I reopened a claim today with PayPal indicating that this website is fraudulent. They said they will issue me a full refund. So now I’m going to post negative comments on as many of these complaint sites as possible. The funny thing is, I am normally VERY careful about the websites I use to make purchases from. If the price looks too good to be true I will do a search for customer complaints. Since my order was just over $65 I didn’t really think about doing that search. BIG MISTAKE! However, I will do my best to pound these a-holes into the ground. Here is the name and shipping information I have from my package:
Xiaoya Yang
1-2/F Building C, Xin Rui Industrial Park,
Hou Rui Community, Xi Xiang Street, Bao An District
The email address I had from paypal was
HEY KELLY-MALL!! I’m getting my money back, I made you have to go to the trouble to buy, pay postage for, and ship a frickin’ sponge, and I’m going to be on you until you go down!! LOSERS!

By: OhNo You DIDNT

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