Hair Club – Would not refund

I live in Houston Texas and I recently joined the Hair Club. After being unsatisfied with what I was being offered, I demanded a refund, which the have not honored to this day. Now I am still left bald but out thousands of dollars. The products were terrible, and the stylist had little to no experience. My stylist took 25 of the first 30 days, that they guarantee with a full refund, trying to do things correctly. The hair pieces were of poor quality and hair fell out constantly. There was a very persuasive sales person that tried placate me. All in all, this was bad terrible experience and they need to be stopped.

I am currently making an effort to retain legal council in order to get my money back from them. Does anyone know of someone that could help me with this.

So far, the Hair Club while not talk with me anymore. No reply from emails and voicemails and it is starting to get very frustrating.

Submitted by: Alex P.

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  1. Lance says:

    Did they finally refund your money? I’m having the same situation right now and wish I could have read all of these complaint first. Thanks.

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