HCGExtreme.com – Still charging my account

I ordered a free trial of these diet drops and it took them forever to arrive. I called and said that I did not want their product anymore and they told me that they were already shipping the next batch and that they would be charging me anyway. I was also told that if I returned the sealed bottle, I would be able to get my money back.

Well I returned the sealed bottle like the told me to and I still have not got my money back. Furthermore, whenever I try to call and cancel any more bottle that they might be trying to send my way, the pick up the phone and then put me on hold. I then sit on hold for a very long time and they never pick back up. This is some kind of racket that they have here. HCGExtreme.com is scamming people and never give them your credit card information if you like hanging on to your money.

Submitted by: Trent

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