Juveneu – Charged my credit card for no reason

I ordered a free sample of some wrinkle cream and thought it would be ok to check out their free trial. I was thinking I could give it a try and I would be able to go from there. I was not happy with the results that I got from the cream so I did not order any more. That is when my problems started. They have continued to charge my card for something that I never ordered. I have called to try and explain to them the situation and they always tell me that they will take care of it, but the charges still keep hitting my account. I need them to stop. This is getting a little absurd.

Submitted buy: Monica

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  1. june says:

    I am having exactly the same problem ! I have emailed them and spoken to my credit card company but so far no results, I am not even getting the goods they are charging me for ! Can you pass on the phone number as I can’t find one ?

  2. Kathy Peers says:

    Beware of this company who ever they may be. They started to take money out of my account over £100.Fortunatly i got in touch with my bank. As i only use a VISA DEBIT card my bank,Barclay’s have reinbursed me the money.I have no idea how they got my card detail’s.Please be on your guard. Their name is [JUVENEU]. I would appreciate if anyone has their email address.

  3. Lesley Rainbow says:

    I also have the same issue – I cancelled my order, then another bottle arrived in the mail. I have just spoken to Customer Service on 0061 2 9191 2787 and once again cancelled my order. The Customer Service representative promised not to charge my credit card again and says no further supplies will be sent to me. So await this space …..
    I would also like their email address so that I can confirm my telephone conversation in writing – still searching for that address.

  4. Annette says:

    I had the same problem. Juveneu’s email address is, customer service@juveneu.com
    I emailed them tonight to cancelled any further bottles that I did not want or order, but which I had been billed for. I have asked for my money back so shall see what they say!Here’s hoping!

  5. Annette says:

    (sorry guys I just found out that my enail couldn’t send and came back to me as it had been given to me wrong, so I joined the two words together (customerservice) and it hasn’t come back to me so far so I think it must have sent ok, sorry about that!)

    I had the same problem! Juveneu’s email address is, customerservice@juveneu.com
    I emailed them tonight to cancelled any further bottles that they might send.They sent me two more bottles, each two weeks apart after the trial one, that I did not want or order, but which I had been billed for. I have asked for my money back so shall see what they say!Here’s hoping!

  6. Louise says:

    I’ve had the same problem..just went to my bank account and found that this company had deducted money for another bottle of cream which i had no idea they were going to send…emailed tonight for a full refund..here’s hoping!

  7. joanne says:

    Again same problem “JUVENEU” took £54.61 from my bank no goods no nothing from them only theyl take your money.. I emailed them no-response. Also my bank told me this transaction was through amazon uk. I contacted them they went through my amazon acc Guess what? Not a thing about “JUVENEU” Good Luck everyone on hopefully getting a fefund and a block on bank acc so “JUVENEU” cant take any more money from every one. They are a Con of a Company! ! I hope they get their commupence soon

  8. Tom says:

    Mother in law taken in as well.
    She called and was told a refund would be issued but so far she has only received a partial refund of less than 1 months money but they took 3 months worth, some details which might help –
    Suite B29
    WIG 9QR
    PO Box 13586
    West Lothian
    EH49 9AP
    (020) 3514 1398

  9. jeannette says:

    Same here , tried the phone numbers and only got a constant ‘someone will answer your call soon ‘ but nobody did. Email address that is on the paperwork not responding !! What a scam…feel foolish in falling for it !!

  10. Mariette says:

    subscribed for the free trial and of course had to pay shipping.
    No sample received but only a charge on my bank account. I am not hopeful that they will compensate me at all. Will try through Card Protect services. Feeling very silly as well and this experience will serve as a warning to me never to order anything on line unless through Pay Pal.

  11. Ariana says:

    I ordered a $1.99 sample. Just received my Visa Bill and got charged for 2 products, each $88.00!! When I called to find out how does one go from a $1.99 to $88.00, I was told that I should have read the fine print on the sample order which said I had 14 days to try the product within which I needed to call them and cancel the order. The only problem is that there was no mention of any of this on the $1.99 sample request.Buyer beware

  12. Pat says:

    I sent for the sample at a small cost and since then have had 3 withdrawals from my debit card, total £171.50. I cannot get hold of them by phone as it goes dead. Now tried the customer service email given by another victim. My bank says I must wait 30 days and try to get the money back myself before they will step in. The company should be shut down and all our money returned.

  13. Pat says:

    I was finally successful in reaching Juveneu by phone and was told all my money would be refunded straight away. In addition, I contacted them by email at customerservice@juveneu.com just to make sure. I have now had a full refund so persistence does pay off.

  14. patsy says:

    I have had the same problem money taken out of my bank tried e-mailing the company but they are no longer on line also tried to ring them but again just an answer machine stating the telephone has a fault cannot speak to anyone.Inform your bank and cancel your card hopefully it stop them taking more money from your account

  15. christine lee says:

    unfortunately this scam is still going on asked for the free trial cancelled by email but had 4 payments taken by jeveneu then bank stopped payments then liftandglowpro took a payment found a phone number uk 0203 514 1398 hopefully this can be sorted out do think a refund is coming??

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