– Complete fraud

I signed up for to get a streaming video of some sports matches that I wanted to see. There was no coverage of the games that I wanted to watch so I went to these guys that advertised that you could buy a streaming subscription and watch from your computer.

I paid around 30 bucks for the service and got nothing for it. There was no streaming and no games for me to see. I was really disappointed and frustrated and tried to call and get my money back. The number that I called was not active and I have not got any response from email. is a scam, so stay away from these con artists.

Submitted by: Max

2 Responses to “ – Complete fraud”

  1. Cynthia Roche says:

    I have had a similar experience to Max with regard to netwebsale.I signed up online from the UK and have wound up paying £24.61 for precisely nothing.I am yet to try and contact them but feel I might be wasting my time to put it politely! Avoid them like the plague is my advice.

  2. Kurt Hill says:

    Sept 24th last year I did the same thing, wanted the sports…paid $68.67 for three years…charged my c/c , now I have no web site !

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