Primerica – Not worth it

I have seen a lot of stuff out there on the internet about Primerica and I just wanted to give my thoughts about it. At the very core, it is a pyramid scheme, where you are recruited to a team and then you are supposed to recruit people that would work for you. I really don’t think that this is the place you want to work if you are interested in the financial services industry.

The first thing is that, yes, you can make money doing it. The thing about that is that you can make money anywhere if you are a good salesman. You can make a good living selling vacuum cleaners door to door if you have the right sales skills. So, now the company itself. The products are not that great in terms of price. So if you are willing to go to your friends and family and “rip them off”, in order to build your network and sales, then that is your problem.

Secondly, I was personally recruited to Primerica. I had been laid off recently and had many resumes online, but I never applied to them. I got a call from a recruiter from Primerica and thought that it was odd that I hadn’t applied, but at the same time I have an MBA and some experience and figured that they liked my resume. Frankly I was a little flattered. I went to the scheduled interview and immediately I thought something was a little wrong. You could tell that there was people like me who thought that this was a traditional interview because they were wearing suits and looking professional. Then you could tell who knew what was going on because they showed up in jeans and looked like they were just out for a visit with friends.

The beginning of the interview was a group thing where they showed us a video telling us how great the company was. Then I had my individual interview with the guy who recruited me. After a few questions you could tell that this was not a good place to work. My guy had been there for only a couple months and really did not know a ton about recruiting or the company. What kind of place has people try to hire new people after being on the job for a only a few months? Anyway, the last thing I will say is that the whole interview was them trying to sell me as to why I should work there. I think that is kind of backwards. On all the other interviews I have been on, I am the one trying to sell them on the idea that it would be beneficial for them to hire me.

Do your homework and then make your decisions. Don’t buy there “sales speak” and just make informed decisions.

Submitted by: PhilI44

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  1. stacey says:

    This is a pyramid scheme. They just want you to recruit more people and rip off your friends and family so the people on the top of the pyramid can get rich. There are probably only a couple of successful people in the company. Look up how much the average agent makes and you will see what it is all about.

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