Proactive – Won’t stop shipping

I ordered Proactive and I will say that the product worked for me. I will also say that they are terrible to work with. I wanted to have them stop shipping the product to me because I wasn’t able to afford it anymore. I called several times and each time they told me that they would cancel the order and I would be all set.

I have been getting one shipment after another and they will not stop. I keep calling and calling and nothing is changing. They just want to keep getting more and more money from me. They think that just because they have my credit card that they can just keep sending stuff and billing me. This is wrong. I would like to keep getting it, but I can’t swing it right now. I wish that they could just realize this and be decent people and stop shipping. I am really frustrated with Proactive and, despite the product working, I will never recommend them to anyone. Just too much of a hassle.

Submitted by: Christie

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