United Cash Loans – will rip you off given half the chance

I took a small loans from these guys to buy Christmas presents one year. I wanted to something a little extra for the family. Little did I know that it would cost me way more than I thought.

I set up a payment plan and everything and got my cash with no problem. A few months later I noticed that they were just taking the service fee and not paying back any of the loan. That is not what I had signed up for at all. I tried to call several times and never got anywhere. Finally I stopped payment on the credit card and all of a sudden they start to talk to me on the phone. I ended up paying 3 times as much as a borrowed without paying back a cent, according to them. They say that I had not signed up for the payment plan properly, which is BS. Why do they all of a sudden pick up the phone only when I stop paying into their little scam? Stay away from these guys. It is not worth the trouble.

Submitted by: sarahg

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  1. sucker says:

    I borrowed $400.00 and paid back $1200,insist for your informatin,dont take no for an answer

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