Yes Loans – This is another loan fraud

I was told that I was approved for a 3000 dollar loan and then yes loans told me that I had to pay a processing fee to carry out the loan. I sent in the fee and then got a call from a different loan company and they told me that yes loans had sent my information to them and that they would be handling my loan. They then informed me that they required some sort of guarantee. This was starting to get fishy to me now. I called yes loans and told them what happened and that I wanted my money back. They said that I had to submit the claim in writing and that it would talk some time for them to get the money back to me. I think that I am out that processing fee and now I am concerned that they will try to steal more money from me. Yes loans took me for ride, but don’t let them do the same thing to you.

Submitted by: Carol

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