Aaron’s RAC – Continually harassed

I know that this is my fault, but there are certain things that can be worked out between sensible people. I was renting a couch from Aaron’s and I was also getting ready to move. During the month of the move, I was running a little low on funds.

I read that you were allowed to miss one complete payment with out any penalty, but even so, I still made half of a payment and figured that I would make the rest of the payment during the next pay period. I even contacted the store and let them know what the situation was. Thinking that this would be fine, I felt confident that I had come to a reasonable solution. I was wrong.

I was continually harassed by people coming to my house and leaving notes in order to get the rest of the payment. One time, an employee came to the house to get the couch and would not leave until he got payment. We finally got him to leave, but the harassment lasted the whole month, until we were able to square the payment.

I just wanted to say that I know I missed a partial payment on one month, but there are better ways to go about doing things than continually harassing someone until they just don’t want to do business anymore.

Submitted by: JillG22

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