Allen Securities Inc. – Watch out for this scam

I got a letter in the mail that was accompanied by a check for over 2 thousand dollars. The letter said that I had won a big prize and that I needed to call them and speak with them further about paying the taxes on prize. I was more than a little suspicious right off the bat.

First thing, why would I pay taxes out of my pocket? At most, they would withhold the portion that should be for taxes. Second, why send a check for a small partial sum? Anyway, I took the check to my bank and they told me that it was a fake. This is a scam and if you get one of these from Allen Securities, don’t fall for it.

Submitted by: Robin

One Response to “Allen Securities Inc. – Watch out for this scam”

  1. William Buckley says:

    I received a letter identical to the one described by Robin. However I called the number with the same results and after telling them I don’t pay money to receive money and that I would pay any taxes after I receive the full amount Of taxes after I received the money and after the check had completely cleared. They ended the call on me.

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