– Complete fraud

I ordered shoes form and they took order and processed payment. I waited and waited for my order to arrive and nothing came for a month. I tried to send them an email from the website, but it wont let you send one. I was really worried at this point.

Finally I was fed up and called to dispute the payment with paypal. I was able to get my money back, but I can only assume that these guys are doing this to everyone and getting away with it all the time. The need to be stopped. Who wants to buy things online if you are only going to get scammed and never receive what you pay for. Stay away from

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  1. D. H. says:

    Same happened to me. PayPal did refund my money. I have asked PayPal to “flag” purchases to Angela-Shoes to prevent the scam rather than have to refund.

  2. Monika says:

    Watch out for this store!!! I bought shoes through their website. Price was very good comparing to other stores, too good to be true! ( i knew it is suspicious but i took my chances). And of course instead of shoes I received a package from China with a plastic Hannah Montana bag inside. First they did not respond to my emails. But I payed with paypal so I filed a claim through them. The store finally responded that if I return the item they shipped to me, they will refund me the money. But I had to send it back to china! I paid for the shoes 25 usd, so they were probably hoping I will give up and don’t go into trouble of returning things.
    I got my case resolved with help of paypal. They admitted it looks like a scam and refunded me the whole amount.

  3. martha willits says:

    I ordered shoes almost a month ago and received a “Hello Kitty) (cheap) bag today. I have just filled out info for Paypal resolution. Wish I had looked at reviews like this first.

  4. Joan says:

    I have been waiting for a few weeks for my shoes, I received a cheap mickey mouse bag at the weekend from China, no invoice nor anything to show were it came from. Reading this it now makes sense, I think I have been foolish

  5. Sharyn says:

    Sounds familiar. A work colleague and I both had the same experience.
    I have contacted PayPal and they have told me I will receive a refund if the issue cannot be resolved within 10 days.
    I guess they figure that most people will not bother for small amounts.

  6. Carol says:

    I am another customer to be scammed by Angela Shoes. Buyer beware!
    PayPal currently investigating scam alert.

  7. Andy says:

    Same here.
    Scammed and got the same easy answer from Paypal (return the item)
    I got all origin address in Chinese, so got no clue how to ship it back.
    Just worries how paypal hasn’t taken any action even by now.

  8. Claire Chehrazi says:

    Thanks to everyone. Was going to order something today, but the site looked fishy. Great to have been able to google and find this!

  9. Sue Thompson says:

    I just found this website of course after i had already ordered something form them. It is a scam i got a bag in the mail and had no clue on who had sent it. Makes me wonder why paypal would let them us their site for a complete scam.

  10. Sharon says:

    I ordered a pair of Calvin Klein Satin shoes online from Style Shoes ( on August 7, 2011 but never received the item. I contacted the seller on several occasions but never received a response so I filed a claim with Paypal. Seller gave paypal a tracking number saying they sent the item. When I finally received the package on August 26, 2011 rather than a pair of shoes, the package was very small and inside was just a black mousepad. This is not what I ordered at all! I was very upset. I ordered shoes, paid for them through paypal and all I got was a mousepad. This site is not reputable at all and is a fraud and rips you off. Seller should be ashamed that they are taking people’s money without sending proper items. Unfortunately, Paypal sided with the seller and never refunded my money. Now I need to reconsider using PayPal.

  11. Lucy B says:

    I wish I’d done a bit of research before I pressed the ‘pay’ button. I too have been scammed by this company. I paid £75.15 for a pair of shoes but all I received was a Hannah Montana bag. I am in dispute with PayPal and my credit card company. I will let you know how I get on.

  12. Jean O says:

    I ordered shoes from angela-shoes as well on 9/23/11. On October 7, 2011 I received a registered envelope with a cheap bag with mini-mouse on it. I did not order a bag – I ordered shoes. I have sent 2 emails to angela-shoes @ and they have not responded. I contacted PayPal and they just told me that they are not honoring my dispute because angela-shoes said they sent my package. In researching it further the USPS tracking number is the same one that I received the bag from. I have appealed my disbute with PayPal and will see what they will do. I have also contacted my credit card company to see if they can assist. This is definitely a SCAM.

  13. Mary Jo M. says:

    My thanks to you all! I have NOT hit the “pay” button yet, thank goodness! I’m so glad I Googled this company first!

  14. Sharyn says:

    A second report on this. After Paypal telling me they would refund the money they asked me to return the plastic bag I recieved to the sender by courier (which would have cost more than the shoes) to get my refund. Then failed to even log the claim on my PayPal account so I could not respond to it even if it had been worth sending the bag back. I also reported this through PayPals scam reporting channel and seems they have done nothing. Finally called them again today and they say they will resolve the issue and refund my money but waiting to see if they do it this time. Meanwhile the site is still up there selling shoes.

  15. Lee Ann says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I was going to buy boots from this website. Glad I saw these reviews before I purchased. It seems like paypal could do more to refund money when they KNOW this is a scam website that their company is affiliated with!

  16. Nicole says:

    I am SOOO glad I looked into this site. I had 2 pairs of shoes in my cart and almost checked out when I realized the site did not have a contact phone number or an address anywhere listed! So, I tried to send them an e-mail by the contact link which would not let me send it at all (FAKE application even). What a bunch of low life scum bags! What a shame that people like this exist in this world. A** holes.

  17. Pat Guderian says:

    DO NOT do business with Angela shoes (Style Shoes)website. It is a fraud!!!!
    And before you order from any outfit that you are the least bit skeptical about check it out at any of the scam alert sites–like They

  18. Liz says:

    Thank you! I was just about to click buy! So glad I didn’t

  19. Kathi says:

    YES! Thanks to all for posting here. Was about to buy shoes there today and price seemed too good to be true. Googling and finding the info kept me from using them.

  20. Cathy says:

    I did the same two days ago and never received an invoice so went to get on the website to print off and the website is now down. Filed my resolution with PayPal. Wish I would have googled this first and read the comments but at least I caught on quickly.

  21. Jill says:

    I called directly to PayPal and they refunded my money immediately.. No sending the Snoopy Bag I got back..
    And today when I tried to log on their site.. Angela Shoes that is.. it didn’t appear.. So perhaps they have been shut down.. At this age I should know if it’s too good to be true. It is..

  22. lisa says:

    I too was scammed by angela-shoes. I have contacted pay pal and my discover card. I did manage to get a copy of the invoice before the site closed… is there anything on my copy of the invoice that will help anybody else?

  23. Marilyn says:

    Oh no – I too am a victim of Angela Shoes. I guess it was too good to be true. I have contacted Paypal and awaiting their response to this! Grrrrrrr

  24. Ashley says:

    This site Style Shoes is now using the URL

    I ordered shoes a month ago and received nothing. No correspondence at all. Stay away. is the same site and a scam

  25. Linda Parker says:

    I too fell into their little game. I ordered shoes from Style shoes. I became suspicious when I heard nothing from these people and did not receive shoes.I started the resolution process with Paypal.I finally got an envelope in the mail from China. I think a piece of plastic about 4″X6″. They cover themselves with Paypal by providing them with a tracking number. Paypal has been wonderful and has credited my charge card.I am so thankful Paypal came on as I was preparing to pay, otherwise these scammers would have had my credit card number in China.

  26. Lisa says:

    I cant beleive how many times people have been scammed and that paypal allowed the same site to continue to operate.
    I also purchased shoes from style shoes via paypal. I kew there would be trouble when I did not receive confirmation from the site. I contacted paypal and they told me to wait to see if I receive anything. Ithem found these fraud sites and recontacted paypal. If I did not call paypal around 5x they probably would have sided with style shoes. I finally received a yellow sponge photographed it and recontacted paypal. They said I needed to wait another 10 days but I called them and told them that they were responsible because they had so many previous complaints. They then refunded my money. Now it looks like the sites are all gone.

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