– Charged my card for for no reason

I took a look at my bank account statement and found that I had been charged a couple of times by I have no idea who these people are and why they are charging my account. I went to their website and found a number to call in order to dispute these charges, but a recording said that their voice mail was full and that I should try again later. It looks like is an auction site with a monthly fee. I never signed up for anything like this and I want to know why and how they are doing this to me. It is a shame that people can just go and take money from people for no reason.

Submitted by: Jack44

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  1. Peter says:

    I signed up for Ziinga from an email that said free registration. Forgot there is nothing free in this life. They first stole £106 then insisted I’d signed up for a monthly subscription and took another £28.00 to cancel something I didn’t know I had.

    Its a RIP OFF SCAM. Reminds me of the pyramid selling of the 70’s.

    We need to let the INTERNET know of these crooks so get on twitter and Facebook just to spared the word AVOID ZIINGA.

    • Helen Hannah says:


      Peter, you seem to have had some success in getting somewhere with the rogues Ask-Ziinga. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction. I have had £118.38 taken out of my account illegally and my bank (Santander) are bloody useless. I reported the fraud immediately and they wrote back to say that “initial investigations have indicated that you have had some level of contact with the payee” and as such it is not fraud and they are passing (the buck)to their dispute team. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF Ask-Ziinga or had “some level of contact”. No idea how they got my card details and more worryingly trying to contact my bank to ensure that further funds are not taken out and they are being of no help whatsoever. Apart from shutting down my bank account – I dont know what I can do. Police cant help as they are not based in this country. Worried sick.

  2. Don N. says:

    Just received my C.C. statement today and found that I had been charged on
    12/13/11 $3.93 then again on
    12/12/11 $1.00 and once again on
    12/21/11 $99.99 = $104.92 in charges in just 10 days..
    From all the complaints I see about ZINGA.COM they have some kind of scam going. I will dispute all these charges. I thank god these charges were on my C.C. so these charges will be removed.
    Unlike EBAY this auction site has figured out how to RIP YOU OFF and its not in small increments..
    BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE or they will get into you for a lot of money and fast!!!! What ever you do DON’T get involved and suckered by ZINGA !!!
    The only thing I have received from ZINGA have been these 3 charges to my credit card..

  3. aquachild says:

    Unauthorized money was taken from my account. My credit card has been billed twice in two months for $92.00 each. When I contacted the site that I have not agreed to any membership they told me that I am bought the iPhone of them and it has agreed to membership. I have never bought or got the iPhone from them.

  4. arman says:

    THIS MONEY HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY PERMISION.i have now informed my bank and there fraud department will be in touch. if they dont return my money i DID NOT buy anything from these people.

  5. K H Moeke says:

    about 2 month,s ago i rang zinga to cancel my account they agreed sending me email of confirmation of termination of account and also a early penalty fee & a refund .according to my bank they are still taking money out of my credit card

  6. su e johnston says:

    Ask-zinga, rip off site, thought i;d bought a camera for 6.00, no sight of camera and having checked statement, they’ve deducted 4 payments, one at 59.99,,, avoid at all costs, have had to cancel card!!

    • Luanne says:

      I had the same experienced.they charged me 4 times in just 2 mos.for CND396.35 and i don’t received any nano ipad after i won the bidding and keeps charging my credit card.this is stupidity!

  7. brian says:

    just got credit card bill the cunts have nicked 64.00 from account

  8. hazel divall says:

    just had my bank statemet to that have been takeing money for account thay are rip off site and would like my money back 06 06 2012 £60.99

  9. Tim says:

    I got scammed for 3 charges of a couple bucks each and $93.00 from Ask-Ziinga auction site for supposedly a free bids and a phone for $3.00 – a total rip off.

  10. Louise King says:

    My story pretty much descrbes all the others on here, I ordered an I-phone which I have never received. when this happened I did not see this policy of theirs which now takes up the last 2 or more pages.I think they have added that recently. They have been putting the fee on my credit card. $89.99 + U.S. exchange. I have been having a major battle with CAPITOL ONE over this so they would take it off and then ziinga would rebill it.I don’t know where this is going to end but if I have to I will go to the gov’t and see if they will do something. They should be shut down and charged with running a scam to take money from people. I am BLOODY MAD!!!

  11. Helen Hannah says:


    Its still happening I have had £118.98 just taken out of my account. My bank are saying its not fraud as I had purchased from Zinga. Rest assured I have not bought ANYTHING and would avoid such sites like the plague. Did anyone get their money back and how does one stop them from taking more money. Desperately desperately worried. Apparently they are based over seas so legally they cant be prosecuted

  12. Barbara Simpson says:

    In August I was billed twice for items I didn’t receive, I contacted Zinga and they said that since I was playing on Facebook it was their fault.I contacted Facebook about this and they said they could not refund my money to me nor have it taken off my credit card. I decided to play for free, I made sure my credit cards were off of their system. I ust got a credit card statement that almost two hundred dollars have been taken off by Zinga, something must be done to stop this!

  13. sarah weston says:

    hi iv recieved my bank statement this morning to find that ziinga have taken £58.99 out of my bank account how can they do this and how can i get my monies back…

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