Ask – stealing money

I was somehow diverted to this website from facebook are supposedly an online betting for the lowest price for all kinds of items, i.e phones,electronics etc.I bid on a cellphone and “won” the bid,not sure where that is. On further enquiry I was told that I have to pay a fee for 3 months. I thought this was a free site. I told them to cancel everything,now I discover they have taken money out of my credit card account for :
29/03/2012 R1.00
29/03/2012 R20.10
30/03/2012 R658.99
30/03/2012 R1.00

I have nothing to show for this,called my bank to cancel my card before these SCAMMERS remove more money.

By: nina007

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  1. Cashiefa says:

    i’ve had a similar experience. i had to cancel my credit card. but not before the bastards took me for over R300

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