Casting360 – Complete fraud

Casting360 is a complete scam and all they want is to get your money. First off, if a talent “agent” wants you to give money up front, they are not doing business correctly. They should be paid on the jobs they get you, not just to feed you lists of open auditions that you can get for free somewhere else.

The head office is located in a former Soviet republic and their call center people are going to push you hard for your credit card number. Do not give it to them. The casting calls that they feed you are largely free auditions that you can find on other website for free. They are not going to help you out with a budding acting career. They have even been sued in California and were charged 45,000 for fraud and misleading advertising. The BBB in California has also given them a F rating. This is not good at all.

Stay clear of these guys. They also work under the name of Talent6. They are a complete scam and will just play on your dreams of making it big.

Submitted by: KendraCC

35 Responses to “Casting360 – Complete fraud”

  1. sarah says:

    These guys charged me for some overpriced head shots and then never really did anything for me after that. This looks good on the outside, but they bring nothing to the table.

  2. Jeanne says:

    to KendraCC:
    This is not a talent agency. Read the disclaimers first… and the BBB rating is B. check it more often, then just copying your “review” all over the internet. Are you a competitor?

  3. LauraK says:

    These guys are a total scam. Just look at their track record and what other people are saying all over the internet. Don’t be fooled by their smooth talking.

  4. KendraCC says:

    to Jeanne:

    You got me on the BBB rating. I looked at an old one. You are wrong too. They are rated a B-.

    From the website:

    Disclaimer: Casting360 is not a talent agency, employer or a talent scout; the site is only a venue. Casting360 does not promise or facilitate employment.

    What are they actually doing if they are not facilitating employment? I am not a competitor, but you obviously work for them.

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