– DO NOT do business with them

This company is a total SCAM! They force customers to call them before they will process the order. Then they try claim they are out of stock but have something better, an off-brand more expensive item. After having issues, I researched this company and found hundreds of complaints – from this year alone. Even the BBB has complaints on file but digitalhunter will not attempt to resolve any complaints and is not a member of the BBB.

DO NOT do business with them.

By: photowiz123

Digital Hunter – Tried the old bait and switch

JUST ANOTHER SCAM SITE. I ordered a Nikon SB-700 flash. Good price. I entered all the information correctly. I got an email a couple days later asking me to call them to verify. They said they had a problem with my credit card. They said i gave them an expiration date of ?????. OK. I gave them the correct expiration YEAR. – BUYER BEWARE



05JUL11 – The sales rep talked me into two sigma lenses vs the canon lenses I was going to purchase.

25JUL11 – I later returned them and ordered the two lenses I was going to purchase.

Now the problem begins.

– Problem 1: They fail to alert you that the item you are ordering is not in stock when the order is first placed.

– Problem 2: They fail to provide an invoice showing the returned product credit and breakdown for new items. Still no invoice after repeated phone requests.

The Digital Hunter – Another story of these guys being shady

I ordered a Panasonic TM900 Camcorder for $749 from Digital Hunter and was talked into buying a 8GB memory card for $199 along with other accessories. I was also told that the battery would be upgraded for an additional $99. Steve was a very slick salesman. He said that it was a special type of memory card. I thought that was a ridiculous price for a memory card, but made the mistake of ordering it anyway.

The Digital Hunter – Pulled the switch on me a took my money

I wanted to order a new lens for my camera and found what I thought was going to be a good deal on After I made my order, which was simple enough, I got a call asking for the security code on the back of my card. I really did not want to give that out over the phone, so I was getting a little more skeptical.