Digital Hunter – Tried the old bait and switch

JUST ANOTHER SCAM SITE. I ordered a Nikon SB-700 flash. Good price. I entered all the information correctly. I got an email a couple days later asking me to call them to verify. They said they had a problem with my credit card. They said i gave them an expiration date of ?????. OK. I gave them the correct expiration YEAR. Then I checked the confirmation email from them that showed they DID HAVE the correct expiration date! Then they proceeded to give me a line of crap about how this item was a specialty order item. (available from anyone with express shipping) Then they said this was NOT for a digital camera. Obviously they were heading in the direction of trying to sell me another product. They think you are stupid and don’t do your homework. I said cancel my order and send me a cancel confirmation email. SCAM!! SCAM!! SCAM!! I think any good reviews, where posted by them.

By: djduke

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