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I ordered a bottle of perfume from this site and it cost about the same as what you would pay at the store, but it was a good deal. The deal was not that good that I would think that I was getting anything other than the actual perfume that I wanted. I got the bottle and then gave it to my girlfriend and she said that it did not smell like the real thing. We then compared it to the almost empty bottle that she had and she was right. They smelled completely different. I paid for the real thing and then got a fake bottle of perfume. If this is not the definition of a scam, I don’t know what is. I want my money back.

Submitted by: Ross

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Personally I had a pleasant experience with .. Great prices and fast shipping. I know theres alot of websites out there selling fake perfumes out there but I have received several genuine perfumes that say different.

  2. Sally W. says:

    Hottperfume is the only site I need for my perfumes. I get great deals/discounts, A great genuine brand name perfume I’ve been using for years. Along with fast service, and I like looking around at different scents they sell because there’s such a hugh selection. I have only good words for this site.

  3. Cindy Palicz says:

    I recently ordered Ralph Lauren Hot Perfume, two bottles were purchased. Both bottles are fake, coconut oil scent. I hate coconut. The bottom stickers on both vials have fabric lint and dirt particles attached. Clearly a FAKE!!

  4. Janet L. says:

    I’ve ordered from this site and never had a problem. I use certain perfumes and I know my scents, I know that I always receive authentic products, and I get them really fast. I would certainly
    shop there again.

  5. Nancy S says:

    Definitely do not buy Juicy Couture definite fake!

  6. Tyler S. says:

    Being a creature of habit, I’ve been using the same cologne for years. And the cologne I received from this site was exactely as I expected it to be. I liked the price I paid. And not liking anything complicated, this site was clear and simple as well as fast. Everything I need.

  7. Tim L. says:

    I did my own research regarding the Polo Double Black cologne ordered from Hottperfume, it is a fake perfume done by professionals. The product uses a very similar packaging but when you put an original one side-by-side, you will notice some detail differences that are not matching such as the plastic wrapping process is different, the product name is Polo Black (it’s a different product) on the sticker under the bottle and the perfume is quite different, smells alcohool drink.
    Hottperfume does not have any phone number for contact and they are not reponsive in answering emails.

  8. Melissa says:

    i also was scammed by this “company.” i have been using amarige for over 20 years and if anyone knows the scent, it’s me. the bottle actually LOOKED fake.. incorrect labeling.. and then when i sprayed it i could immediately tell it smelled nothing like amarige. BEWARE! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY! it’s not worth saving the $10 or so. i would try to get my money back, but i’m sure these people are pros at avoiding that. lesson learned and moving on!!!!!!!!

  9. William Mac says:

    Ridiculous, I got a bottle of Romance for women, it was just a little more for almost double the price, I should’ve known. It’s a complete counterfeit. Not even close. Every comment I’ve seen that is negative on here, the very next comment is someone saying how they are completely happy with this company. Hmmm…sounds like the company trying to cover their butt. USE CAUTION, IT’S NOT WORTH GETTING A FAKE THAT SMELLS NOTHING EVEN CLOSE TO TO REAL STUFF!

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