My Clean PC – Inferior service

I have seen adds on television for and thought that with my recent computer problems that they could help me. When I called in, I was told that I could potentially have a virus and that someone could be hacking my computer.

The performed their “service” for a cost of over $300 and I continued to still have all the same problems, including my computer freezing and random things being deleted. Well I got on the phone with customer service and they kept giving me the run around for over 5 hours. I was never able to be ptu through to a technician or supervisor. I finally got fed up and now I am stuck with a broken computer and out some money. These guys are untrustworthy.

Submitted by: Bballguy

3 Responses to “My Clean PC – Inferior service”

  1. MIke says:

    These guys have a slick ad campaign on TV but the product is actually not that great. They will tell you that you need them, but the truth is that there are many free virus scan programs out there that work better.

  2. JayJ says:

    Forget these guys. They will try and tell you that there is some crazy things going on with your computer and if you don’t buy something from them right now, then you will get your identity stolen. Plus their product stinks.

  3. Jeff says:

    Agreed. you can get so much better software for free. Why pay for something that you don’t have to and is inferior.

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