Reading in America – No magazines

They call you on your phone and are very nice and polite, they try to sell you a multiple magazines subscription…
I agreed because they gave me a $1000 gift card for free gifts that I could have selected on

Those gifts were so shady like 1990’s… Each gift you chose has a min of a $5.00 shipping and handling fee, even if you wanted 20 of the same, you pay individually.

I received a lot of promotional magazines, maybe 4 a month trying to sell me a subscription, but never the magazines that I chose which are supposed to be 8 a month.

Once you subscribe you cannot change your mind and cancel the account after 3 days of grace period that they give you.

One of the worst deals in my life…. No magazines, and I’m paying every month $40 dollars for two years

By: Alexandra

One Response to “Reading in America – No magazines”

  1. Megan says:

    I know how you feel, we are in the exact same situation. The more I read about it and see what a scam they are, the more I am determined to get them to cancel, OR if they still refuse, we are cancelling the checking account that they take the funds from. I don’t see how this could have a negative affect. They can try to charge us all they want, but we never signed a contract! If they want to stop sending magazines, so be it! I refuse to keep this up for another year. It’s outrageous.

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