SpyAnyCellPhone.com – Product does not work

I bought the product from spyanycellphone.com and it does not work in the least bit. On the site it said that the software would be compatible with my phone but it sure as hell is not. I emailed them for a refund the same day that I got the product and they said to allow 4 weeks for it to be processed. I am thinking that I am never going to see that money again. I think that they are just trying to string me along and hope that I give up on the 80 bucks. I may never get that money back, but hopefully no one else will lose their money to these scam artists.

Submitted by: Kelly

2 Responses to “SpyAnyCellPhone.com – Product does not work”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I ordered this software and was shocked to see what I received. It was nothing like it was advertised and when I requested technical support (which I bought an additional package supposedly assuring me of 24/7 live support)I was sent an automated email telling me to read the manual. I then requested a refund and was emailed back that my refund was processed and I should get my money back withing 4 to 5 days. That was two weekds ago, no one answers the phone at the number they give on their website and everytime I email for my refund, within ONE minute i am emailed back the exact b.s. reply word for word, even when I threaten legal action. These people are a scam, do not waste your money like i did!!

    • sasimie says:

      Thanks jenifer, I was about to buy this product but I don’t since I’ve read your comment. You saved me, thanks again

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