Union Capital Trust – Loan was just a scam to get money from me

I wanted to get a loan for a few thousand dollars to take care of some cash flow issues that I was having. I applied for a loan with Union Capital Trust and everything went smooth. I got a call and was told that the loan needed to be insured because of my credit score. They said that I needed to send in a deposit of a few hundred bucks to get it insured.

I had to western union the money to some one in Spain because apparently no one in the US would insure me. I sent the money and then got a call the next day that I needed to send some more money because there was a second review of my loan and they needed more insurance. At this point I ma thinking that if I had this much money laying around, then I would not need a loan. I just asked for my money back. They said that it would take a while to get it back. The end of the story is that I don’t have the loan and I am out the money that I sent to them. I was trying to call and see what was going on with my refund and the number is now disconnected. I hate this and I hate people that are just trying to prey on people that are in need.

Submitted by: Franco

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