zBiddy – Charged for signing up

Everyone needs to know that you will be charged just for signing up. You will never see what amount they are charging or be asked if you even want to be charged. They will just do it. You need to be very careful. They also say that they have products that they don’t even have. Just stay away from this. don’t fall for it.

Submitted by: CoolCat

4 Responses to “zBiddy – Charged for signing up”

  1. Jimmy says:

    I heard zbiddy would be fun and a good way to save up some Christmas money for my kids. I have had a hard time this year financially and was pretty worried about Christmas money. When I came up on this site I thought what a good way to win a couple of gift cards for presents this year so I registered and bought some bids. Well the bids did not last long…at all so to make up for what I had lost I bought another bid package. I just knew if I could stay up till after midnight and the bidders were low I could make my money back as gift cards were selling for 10 cents to 15 cents. Amazing I won the gift card and an iphone and got them shipped. Zbiddy Rocks!

  2. Robert John says:

    zbiddy.com is nice site. I have won 6 items on this site, so far.

  3. neo says:

    Zbiddy is best penny auction website. Everyone should try this website.

  4. ReviewScam says:

    Zbiddy never charge while registering an account. You have to just pay when you purchase their bid package. Check with their customer support if you have any issue.

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